Sunday, November 29, 2009

52 Week Wednesday

Starting a new feature on my blog this week – 52 Week Wednesday. OK, so today is not Wednesday but just pretend because it sounds good with “Week”. :)

Each week will feature a different affirmation from a gift set my friend gave me from Compendium. It can be a paper weight or coaster and has interchangeable affirmations. This is what they look like:

Under each affirmation, it says “today is your day”, and on top of my gift box, it said “Right now is a good time”. The first one I pulled out was "Give thanks." I keep this right by my computer so I will see it every morning while I'm drinking my coffee.

Being Thanksgiving week, this is very timely. Giving thanks is something I should do more often, but I don’t.

Right now is a good time.

Right now:
- I am thankful that I can turn on music, and it can completely turn my attitude around.
- I’m thankful that I have parents who taught me to love all people, regardless of religion, economic status, sexuality or race.
- I’m thankful for the rays of sunshine in my breakfast window that fall across my son’s smile.
- I’m thankful for my sweet dog who loves me even when I don’t pay attention to him because I’m so frazzled.
- I’m thankful for people who make beautiful music, art, books & movies. What would this world be like without the arts?
- I’m thankful for love and romance and magic. They really do exist.
- I’m thankful for my girlfriends who keep me sane.
- I’m thankful for modern medicine and alternative medicine.
- I’m thankful for my physical health, my mental health and my spiritual health.
- I’m thankful that I never accept the status quo. What a boring life that would be.
- I’m thankful that when things start nagging at me, it’s because I need to make a change.
- I’m thankful for my selfless husband who always puts his family first.
- I’m thankful for pictures that help put me right in that present moment….and cherish it…and thank God for it.

This is from my daily devotional: “Whatever the activity, I realize joy when my mind is fixed on finding Spirit within each of my experiences. True and lasting joy comes from within--from God, the Source of every joy.”

I’ve read that the more you show gratitude, the more positive your outlook.
Starting a gratitude journal TODAY! Who’s with me?

“Everyday’s a start of something beautiful.” - Matt Nathanson

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